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July 28, 2013

Independent Airbus Parts Distributor Leads The Way To Export The Gold Standard

[ Glen Hyden ], General Manager for First Wave Aerospace, recently released to the Aviation Industry an article published by [ PRWeb ] relating to innovative work done by First Wave Aerospace, LLC in the field of refining regulations regarding the exportation of 8130-3 accreditted parts. A snippet of the article is reprinted below:

"Commercial aircraft parts distributor First Wave Aerospace announces qualified Airbus parts are now available with FAA-8130-3 Tags for export.

First Wave Aerospace led the clarification effort in its region of a widely misinterpreted impression in the aerospace aftermarket and parts distribution industry that only the Production Approval Holder (PAH) could issue an export airworthiness approval. With the information from the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA), of which First Wave is a long-time and accredited member, as well as its own research, including a Memorandum from the FAA in Washington, D.C, a deviation was effectively authorized that cleared the way to allow manufacturing Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DAR-F) to issue export approval 8130-3 forms.

Under United States law, an exporter of civil aviation components is not required to obtain an FAA export airworthiness approval tag (8130-3 tag) as a condition of export. Nonetheless, it is common practice for U.S. exporters to obtain 8130-3 tags for their exports of aviation parts. This practice has become much more commonplace in recent years for several reasons, according to First Wave Aerospace Vice President Glen Hyden: "Increased reliance on traceability in the aviation industry, makes traceability under FAA guidelines for issuance on an airworthiness certificate 'the FAA Form 8130-3' the Gold Standard that the aerospace aftermarket industry worldwide is demanding." Also, he cited U.S. bilateral airworthiness safety agreements with major trading partners pledge to provide such documentation and Europe instituted new regulations (EASA 145.A.42) that require such documentation as a condition of receipt."

Read the rest of this article on [ PRWeb ]

The purpose of FAA 8130-3 tags, since its inception in 1960's, has been to track airworthy parts to promote safety and commerce. However, over the years while it has become the de facto requirement for export to certain countries, there's been confusion if it is a Federal Government requirement and exactly who, outside the production approval holder (PAH), has the right to issue the tag.

With the initiative by the Aviation Suppliers Association, which we are long-term members of, as well as the Washington, D.C. FAA Air Center on the national level, First Wave Aerospace was proud to lead to the clarification and authorization on the regional level.